Write...or Die Trying

I used to work in a factory. Now I work in an office. Either way, my writing was dying. So now I must: Write...or Die Trying.


Cuckoo's Nest and New (old) books

We're reading Ken Kesey in my fiction class. I've already read Cuckoo's Nest, so it's not new to me, but it is interesting to revisit a book after a while.

I know some people who will never read a book a second time. If they've read it once, that's enough. It would be "boring" to read it again because you know how it ends. I don't think that's the point of re-reading a book. Books give you an emotional feeling that (hopefully) you enjoy and can become as addictive as any drug.

Maybe that's the reason I'm always compusively buying books? Abebooks.com is a wonderful resource. I just picked up a copy of Charles Williams' All Hallows Eve and Flannery O'Connor's Wise Blood. I'm about half-way through All Hallows Eve. One thing that irritates me about Williams is that things always are, and yet they're not. She did this, and yet she didn't. He said something, but he didn't. It's hard to follow. I understand he's trying to be subtle, but it sometimes feels simply indecisive. Maybe I'm just not "refined" enough to truly appreciate it. I imagine that's partly true. He's a little over my head.


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