Write...or Die Trying

I used to work in a factory. Now I work in an office. Either way, my writing was dying. So now I must: Write...or Die Trying.


Wireless Hi-Speed Internet Rocks!

I'm getting totally spoiled. Here I am, sitting on my living room floor, blogging away, connected to all you great folks through my nifty, hi-tech, hi-speed Internet connection, with a wireless network in my house.

You'd think that, having to work with technology like this every day, all day, I'd be a little less enchanted by the capabilities of technology. See, I've never had stuff like I have at work, at home. I've never had hi-speed internet at home because we live in the country. Our local electric co-op recently added wireless internet access. It's priced about the same as my dial-up, taking into account that I have to have a separate line for it.

The newness will wear off, trust me. But for now, I'll just open about 4 or 5 web pages at once and marvel at the coolness of big bandwidth :-)


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