Write...or Die Trying

I used to work in a factory. Now I work in an office. Either way, my writing was dying. So now I must: Write...or Die Trying.


Bad Grades Suck

I got a pretty bad grade on a recent French test. It was probably my own fault because I didn't really understand the concepts I was taking the test on.

In my defense, trying to get a Creative Writing degree while working full-time, raising five kids (in some months, six), and going to school is quite stressful. It makes it very difficult to study with any kind of comprehension and clarity.

I'm really starting to envy those friends of mine who have finished their degrees as adults by just concentrating on school. A friend of mine went back to school full time while his wife worked. I wouldn't even ask my wife to do that for me, but I do kind of envy the ability to spend all that time, energy, and brain cells on actually learning, instead of splitting those finite cells between solving significant problems at work, at home, AND at school.

I knew this wouldn't be easy, but I don't think I anticipated dealing with a few bad tests here and there along the way. I kind of thought I'd just skate through with A's and B's like I've always done. Not so!


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Six? Six? Do you have something specific to say?


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