Write...or Die Trying

I used to work in a factory. Now I work in an office. Either way, my writing was dying. So now I must: Write...or Die Trying.


Virtual Posts

I've been doing some virtual posting lately. As I've recently discussed, the majority of my writing is done on paper. Some of those blogs I don't end up posting, either because I don't have time at the moment to transcribe them, or because I've changed my mind about how I feel. Not wanting to be wasteful, though, I've decided to go through the large stack of one and two-page meanderings I've created when I couldn't think of how to proceed with a story and post some of them.

Being a circumstantial perfectionist, I tend to shy away from posting something that I don't feel good about. It happens, of course, but not if I'm sober enough to help it :-) In the same spirit of mediocrity, I'm going to post a deleted scene (to use a DVD term) from a short story I started over a year ago.


At 6/20/2004 05:52:00 PM, Blogger Mancunia said...

I know what you mean about that. I wrote a load of shit on paper a few months ago, like in the space of two weeks I'd written about 200 pages of meandering stories, all somehow interconnected. They're all in a mess under my bed, I want to throw out the trash but I can't bring myself to. Recently I've not been writing... Exams, school-work, and a lot of insanity in my life. Perhaps insanity is the ideal thing to write about.


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