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Is Nothing Sacred?!

This whole low-carb thing is really starting to piss me off. I can't turn around without seeing some advertisement for something that is "low carb" (it disgusts me to even see those two words together in that context). Worst of all (and a harbinger of Armageddon, I'm certain) is what I saw on our way home from Branson this weekend. Right under the gas prices at a local gas station was an advertisement for low carb snacks.

That's it. I have to draw the line somewhere. Gas stations are for buying Mountain Dew, chewing tobacco, beer (and sometimes gas, but not near as often as for the other three), and extremely unhealthy snacks. Low carb snacks? Sheesh!

Over 90% of people on these stupid diets don't even need to lose weight. Most of the people I know on them are already too skinny to be healthy. Most of the rest only want to lost weight, but don't need to. Their problem is self-esteem, not an unhealthy diet. I've heard people tell me they were losing weight just for themselves. So they'd feel better. Whatever. Unless it's for health reasons, people diet because they want to perceive that by dieting and losing weight, other people will look more favorably upon them than if they didn't diet. It's all horse manure. People will like you or hate you whether you weigh 90 pounds or 390 pounds.

People, taken as a whole, are shallow and self-absorbed. If they hold your weight against you, why in the world would you want them as a friend?


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